Fight On State

It was inevitable that we would break our “post once a week” rule. I just wasn’t expecting it to be so soon. Unfortunately real life gets in the way of our hopes and dreams sometimes (melodramatic?) and the past week or so has just been busy with things other than crossing items off our Joy Jar list.

We picked up the slack last weekend by crossing off one of Jon’s contributions to the list.

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At Jon’s request we took our second trip to Happy Valley this season to see not only another football game but a hockey game as well. We almost made it a trifecta by catching the women’s basketball game on Sunday (at my request) but sleeping in and filling our bellies with Eat n’ Park was obviously more important.

After a relatively traffic free drive, we arrived at Penn State, settled in at our home away from home for the weekend and made the trek over to the brand new Pegula Ice Arena for the hockey game. They sure didn’t spare any expenses when building that baby.



Unfortunately, we didn’t catch a win that night. After a rough first period, the Nittany Lions managed to hold their own through the rest of the game but it wasn’t enough to get past UMass Lowell, who made it to the frozen four last year. Silver lining to an otherwise disappointing game? Witnessing one of the best uses of signage I’ve seen in a while. This guy wasn’t about to let the game continue until someone did something about the broken pane of glass. (Not pictured, the arrow pointing to the breakage. Or the actual broken glass. We caught him on the bus ride home though.)


Thankfully, the outcome of Saturday’s football game was much more positive. Not to mention there was a lot of this:



And this:


And we even had an ESPN blogger stop by our tailgate to try out the moose burgers and play some stump.


And yes, we did actually venture into the stadium to watch the game. It was the perfect day for it, which is a slight miracle considering our track record with Penn State games in the past (freezing cold temps. and precipitation are usually in the forecast). The boys played pretty well (though the defense could use some work) and pulled out a win over Perdue.





We rounded out the weekend with a trip to the bars Saturday night. After a short few minutes of getting bumped into at the Gaff we decided to get a table at Cafe 210. Like the old farts we are.


Overall it was a great weekend that warranted a much needed day of rest and relaxation on Sunday. In other words, we laid on the couch and watched too many episodes of Friday Night Lights.

Joy Jar Updates:

Although we may not be writing posts as often as initially planned, behind the scenes we are constantly planning our next adventures.

  • Bought tickets to the Potted Potter on January 5th
  • Reserved our plane tickets and hotel room for Disney
  • Watched way too many YouTube videos on how to knit (Sam, not Jon)

Taking Care of Business

I try not to give much credit to old school stereotypes regarding a woman’s role in the household, but I fall into on of the biggest of them all. I, Samantha Posen, have no clue how to fix anything. Seriously. I may be able to hang a picture frame (if I’m lucky) or use a paintbrush (even that’s a bit iffy) but give me a drill and I’m guaranteed to run the other direction. So Sunday afternoon we decided to change that.

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I’ve had big plans for the laundry room since we first moved in and after scouring Pinterest (because where else do people find inspiration now a days?) I finally decided what I wanted to do. After getting Jon’s approval we made a quick trip to Lowes (and may or may not have stopped at the brand new (completely mobbed) Wegman’s on the way home) to pick up the necessary hardware.

The before.

The before.

First up: the table saw. In an effort to keep all of my limbs, I’ve never picked one up before. Jon assured me I would make it out alive, gave me a few pointers and a practice piece of wood and I dove right in. A few crooked cuts and no lost fingers later I was ready to tackle the actual piece of shelving we were planning on installing. I managed to cut a decently straight line but Jon had to come in and straighten things up a bit.

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Next up: the drill, a tool I’ve used before but am far from good at. It doesn’t help that our walls are made of metal plaster. Apparently my upper body strength leaves much to be desired, as evidenced by the following pictures (facial expressions are not an exaggeration).

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Processed with VSCOcam

The rest of the project involved hanging the shelf, a cabinet and a rod so it was basically lots of drilling from here on out. This is where I should say I kicked that walls ass and drilled like a DIY queen but in all reality Jon did most of the hard work. But I’ll be damned if I didn’t stand by ready with anchor and screw at hand! After about 3 hours or so we had the finished product.

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We both are loving the end result! It frees up a ton of space in front of the washer and dryer (where we used to have a drying rack) that makes actually doing the laundry much easier. I can’t say that I’ve accomplished my goal of becoming a master of power tools but I certainly took a step in the right direction.