Pull This Thread As I Walk Away

The past couple of weeks I’ve been slowly working away at one of my (Sam) own, personal Joy Jar items:


This isn’t a completely knew challenge for me; my mother taught me to knit many years ago but it didn’t stick and I quickly stored the information in the back of my mind and hadn’t revisited it until now. I’ve been wanting to find a hobby that allows me to be creative and use my hands and knitting was my solution. So I did what any 21st Century information seeker does – turned to YouTube. I also downloaded “Stitch ‘n Bitch” on my Kindle and headed off to A.C. Moore for supplies.


I ended up with the following:

  • Size 8 plastic needles which I immediately exchanged for bamboo
  • Cheep ass yarn (perfect for beginner practicing and mistakes)
  • A beginners knitting kit with a tape measure, yarn needles, stitch counter, stitch markers, point protectors, etc.
  • Scissors

Since then I have been slowly teaching myself the basics by following along in the book and supplementing with YouTube videos. I love that the book gives me some guidance as to where to start because there sure is a ton of information out there. So far I’ve learned the knit stitch and was super proud of my first little swatch that I made all by myself.


Which then prompted me to make a not so pretty garter stitch scarf that Jon swears he’ll wear. Despite it’s abundant imperfections. (I took the easy way out and used size 14 needles and chunky yarn.)


Obviously I still have a lot to learn and am nowhere near good at this yet. I am currently working on learning to pearl and making a swatch stockinette in stitch, which I’ve now started over about three times. So if any of you seasoned knitters out there have any tips, tricks, or favorite tools please share!


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