Who are the faces behind the Joy Jar? We are Jon and Sam; Newlyweds of just over a year looking to really make the most of our time together. Living just outside of Philadelphia, we have so many great opportunities right at our fingertips and we want to take advantage of as much as we can. We both have typical nine to fives but want to use our free time to really experience as much as we can together, along with our pup Lucy.

What is the Joy Jar? In a nutshell, it is our version of a bucket list. It is an attempt to turn our dreams into experiences. Activities written on pieces of paper are put into a mason jar once completed. Our goal is to fill that mason jar up and in turn fill our lives with adventure.

What kind of activities are we talking about? Anything goes! It can be as simple as “try a new restaurant” or as grand as “travel to Italy”. We know we may not complete every goal we have our mind set on but we like to dream big around here. Both Jon and Sam will be contributing to the list so you’re sure to see a little bit of everything.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Happy writing! Stumbled upon your blog when I heard about the Joy Jar challenge – On 1st of Jan start filling a jar with all the good things that happen to you during the year in small chits and then open and read on 31st Dec!

    I love the way you put in the Joy Jar items on hearts! 🙂
    Happy collecting in your Joy Jar!


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