Bright Lights, Big City

9/11 Memorial Heart

This years annual New York trip was a little different than what we’ve grown accustomed to. Our usual venture happens around Christmas time and we keep a no boy zone. This year we decided to forgo the freezing temperature and holiday crowds for a warmer, less frigid October date and decided that it would be okay to invite Jon. I’m pretty happy with our decisions.

Saturday my mom and I headed up on our own to check out the 9/11 memorial and do some walking around the city. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the memorial or how my emotions would come through. I remember September 11th, 2001 very vividly however I didn’t personally know anyone that was closely affected by the events of that day. Regardless, walking through the memorial and seeing the names written along the stone ledges of the reflecting pools really took me breath away.



We spent the rest or the afternoon on the hunt for boots, but sadly came away empty handed. After relaxing with some wine in the hotel room, we made our way to 44 & X for dinner and were not disappointed. The atmosphere was cosy and the food was pretty darn good. Needless to say we went to bed that night with our stomached feeling pleasantly plump.

Sunday morning we took our time getting up and waited for Jon before grabbing a bite to eat at the Glass House Tavern (thanks for jogging my memory Mom). It was a decent brunch but nothing to write home about. We were then off to the Minskoff Theatre to see the Lion King and it was nothing short of amazing. Maybe not my favorite play to date, but definitely the most visually entertaining. The way the costumes came to life on stage was unreal. The Lion King has always been my favorite Disney movie and seeing it from this perspective made me fall in love with it all over again.




Until next time New York!